Drop gold vermeil earrings


The Drop Gold Vermeil Earrings are earrings made up of two parts. The first one is a regular stud worn on the ear. The second part is curved to fit the shape of the earlobe. To suit more than one lobe, the second part features three holes to which the back of the stud can be fixed.

They are plated in 14k (karat) gold. It is plated over sterling silver (925). The inner diameter of the ring is approximately 1 cm. The ear cuff is 2 mm in width. There is from 0.7 cm to 0.9 cm (from one size to another) between the earring and the part under the earlobe. The part closer to the lobe has an approximative length of 1.2 cm.

I recommend that you do not wear the plated earrings in the shower or when swimming. The plating is durable, but it's not permanent.

Also available in sterling silver

See : Drop Earring

Designed and made in Quebec.

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