If you don't know your fingers size, there are two ways to find out.

1. Order the portable ringer so you can measure your finger sizes at home.


2. Go to a jewelry store near you and ask to have your fingers measured.


Chain sizes for necklaces range from 16 to 24 inches.

I recommend taking a string and measuring the desired length by yourself.

You can choose from two type of chains :

Delicate chain : links of 1,2 millimeters large. 

Massive chain : links of 1,8 millimeters large.

Pearl necklaces are available in 16, 18, 20 and 22 inches.



For the soft bracelets (paperclip bracelet) the sizes are as follows:

Small: 16 centimeters long.
Medium: 18 centimeters long.
Large: 20 centimeters long.

The freshwater pearls bracelet is available in :

Small: 17 centimeters long.
Medium: 19 centimeters long.
Large: 21 centimeters long.

Note that the sizes of this bracelet are equivalent to the sizes of regular soft bracelets. The beads being quite large, they narrow the inner diameter of the bracelet.

It is recommended to measure with a string in order to know the desired size. Soft bracelets attach directly to the wrist, so just make sure that the length of the bracelet is sufficient and comfortable when the bracelet is attached to the wrist.

For the adjustable bracelets (Ball Bracelet) the sizes are as follows:

Small: 5.5 centimeters of inner diameter.

Medium: 6 centimeters of inner diameter.

Large: 7.3 centimeters of inner diameter.

Suggested regular sizes :

Female: Medium.

Man: Large

If you have a smaller or larger wrist than the average, I recommend that you take a size below or above what is suggested. For men, the large size remains relatively standard. Don't forget that it is adjustable!

For closed bracelets (Hindi and Massive Hindi bracelets) here is the printable measurement tool.