Stone Pendant


The Stone Pendant is a customizable pendant. You can choose the birthstone you want

January: Garnet (red)

February: Amethyst (mauve)

March: Aquamarine (blue)

April: Diamond (colorless)

May: Emerald (green)

June: Alexandrite (green with red highlights)

July: Ruby (pink)

August: Peridot (green)

September: Sapphire (blue)

October: Tourmaline (pink)

November : Citrine (orange yellow)

December: Zircon (blue)

The pendant is composed of a 1cm round medallion, a 1mm round stone and a "snake" style chain. You can choose the chain length: 16, 18 or 20 inches.

Click here to access the size guide.

No exchange or refund possible.

Designed and made in Quebec.

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