Pearl Ring


The Pearl ring is made up of small white freshwater pearls strung on a thread with a small sterling silver pearl. The ring is about 3 millimeters wide. 

Each ring is unique, so there may be variations between the product pictured and the one you will receive.

It is important to select the right size since the ring is not “elastic”. That said, if you force it too much to insert it on your finger, it is possible to break it or stretch the thread and have a gap between two beads when the ring is worn. In doubt, take a half size larger.

Pearls are delicate and require extra maintenance. It is recommended that you remove your jewelry with pearls when going underwater, when applying creams and perfumes, when sleeping, and when engaging in any activity that may mark or damage the pearl.

Each jewel is produced to order, allow us 5 days to make it. 

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Dessiné et fait à la main à Montréal, Qc.

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