Paper Clip Gold Vermeil Ear Cuff


The Paper Clip Gold Vermeil Ear Cuff is a non-permanent piercing style earring that is worn on the side of the ear. It is adjustable.

It is plated in 14k (karat) gold. It’s plated over sterling silver (925). The inner diameter of the ring is approximately 1 cm.

It’s very delicate and should be worn gently to ensure that it does not become too distorted. You can always round it off on a round object like a pencil if it loses its shape.

I recommend that you do not wear the plated earrings in the shower or when swimming. The plating is durable, but it's not permanent.

Also available in sterling silver

See : Paper Clip Ear Cuff

Dessiné et fait à la main à Montréal, Qc.

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